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York Auction Group was created in 2019 by Lisa York, 2017 Grand Champion Bid Calling Champion. Since its creation York Auction Group has become the first choice to handle every category of auction in North Carolina and beyond. Our firm has been employed by many different municipalities, and estates to handle the orderly sale of their household goods. Additional sources of our business are other legal avenues – Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors, Federal Trade Commission seizures, Landlord/Tenant disputes, etc. A large percentage of our business comes from private and public corporations, leasing and finance companies, banks, sole proprietorships and individuals. York Auction Group handles projects of all sizes – small to large. The legal, financial and business communities have relied upon York Auction Group for expert testimony, depositions and general consultations for all types of personal and real property. Our firm is capable of handling any asset-conversion or related matter.
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